Landlord Insurance

Landlord Policies protect your interest from certain tenants.

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Why Do You Need Landlord Insurance?

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    Required by the Mortgage Company

    Most home owners utilize a mortgage loan to protect the interest of their mortgage lender in case the property is damaged. Home insurance is required by mortgage companies when taking out a mortgage on a property.

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    To Protect Against Unexpected Large Loss

    Landlord policies are usually cheaper than other insurance policies, but the financial damages are much more severe in the event of an incident. Incidents can include fire damage, burglary, weather damage and more. The premium is usually around a few thousand, but the covered loss can reach even a million dollars.

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    To Protect Against Tenants’ Liability

    Not all tenants are perfect as some tenants may cause legal damages to the landlord. Personal liability coverage is designed to cover legal damages such as court fees, emotional damage, health damage and more.

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